Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts Houston, TX People often hesitate to install game courts in their property, worried about the outdoor aesthetic and design. But it’s always a good idea to have something like a basketball court, as it can help encourage outdoor activity, provide a source of entertainment and even some space for socialization. At Athletic Design Group, our team has carried out several basket ball installations in Houston, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Katy, and Friendswood.

We have worked on both commercial and residential properties in Pearland, Spring, Tomball, Richmond, and Cypress. If you want good quality court installations, we can help so just call us today.

Different Types of Basketball Courts

The size and design of basketball courts depend on the architecture of the installation site. If there’s sufficient outdoor space and budget, you can install a full-size basketball court. If you don’t have sufficient space or are working on a tight budget, half-size courts will be a better idea. Here’s a glimpse of both options:

  • Full Court - A full, regulation-sized basketball court is around 50 feet wide and 94 feet long. We can use concrete, asphalt, or specially-designed sports surfaces based on your requirements or preferences. The court design is painted on and it has two baskets on either side. Most homeowners don’t install full-size courts, choosing half-sized ones for their compactness. We usually install regulation surfaces in commercial properties like gyms, schools, playgrounds, etc.

  • Half Court - The half-court has the same width as the full court but is of half the length. This surface is small, easier and more affordable to build, and better suited for smaller spaces. Most residential clients want basketball half court installation because this structure is a better fit for their backyard. This court doesn’t have two sides and only includes one basketball net, but you can easily play full games on it.

Court Materials

There are different types of court surface choices available to you. The most standard and popular options are asphalt and concrete. Here’s a brief look at both options:

  • Asphalt - This surface is very flexible, provides good shock absorption and is easy to maintain. During installation, we place compacted road rock on a prepared surface, which is around 4 - 6 inches thick. We then install a 1-inch thick layer of asphalt before allowing the surface to cure for 2 weeks. Our experts then apply a coat of special paint designed for asphalt.

  • Concrete - Half courts are made of concrete because it’s a flexible material. We use concrete when accessibility to the site is limited. We pour 1-inch thick layer of concrete on a prepared surface, allow it to cure, apply concrete primer before acrylic resurfacing material. Once the surface is flat and smooth, we apply a coat of paint.

Clients can install courts of custom sizes, dimensions, and colors based on their requirements. If you need a good quality basketball court installation, we’re the right choice for you.

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